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Fresh, Local, and Oh So Creamy: Our Ice Cream Selection

We’re proud to source our ice cream from Churn & Bake, a local favorite renowned for their artisanal handcrafted ice cream delights. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill ice cream. Each scoop comes from a place of passion, expertise, and dedication, resulting in a deliciously creamy treat that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Find out more about our partner here.

A Symphony of Flavors: Discover Our Ice Cream Menu

Indulge in our curated selection of ice cream flavors. Each one is a unique taste experience, designed to transport you to ice cream heaven. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Vanilla: The classic favorite, full-bodied and rich with an unmistakable aroma of pure vanilla.
  • Vietnamese Rocky Road: A fusion flavor that brings together the best of two worlds: a creamy base infused with Vietnamese coffee, dotted with chocolate chunks and marshmallows.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: Creamy, tangy, and bursting with fresh strawberry flavor. It’s like enjoying a slice of your favorite cheesecake, but in ice cream form.
  • Matcha Oreo: A delightful surprise for the senses! The bitter-sweet matcha pairs perfectly with crunchy Oreo chunks.
  • Chocolate Brownie Batter: A chocolate lover’s dream come true. Enjoy the rich, decadent chocolate ice cream loaded with chunks of gooey brownie.
  • Mango Sorbet: A refreshing treat that’s both sweet and tangy, capturing the essence of ripe, juicy mangoes.
  • Birthday Cake: Every day is a celebration with this flavor. Imagine vanilla cake batter ice cream studded with rainbow sprinkles.
  • Brown Sugar Boba: A delightful twist on the popular Taiwanese drink, this flavor has chewy boba pearls swimming in a creamy, caramel-like ice cream.

Sweet Moments Await at Salomay's

At Salomay’s, we believe in creating moments of joy, one scoop at a time. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or looking to try something new, our ice cream selection promises a flavor for every palate. We invite you to join us, dive into our menu, and make your day a little sweeter.