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From Cameroon to McKinney: The Inspiring Journey of Appolinaire Kamdem and SALOMAY

In 2008, Apollinaire Kamdem emigrated from Cameroon, Africa, to America, landing his first job at a Starbucks in Maryland. To make ends meet, he soon found himself working a second job at a local creperie.

“Originally, I was brought on board to brew coffee,” Kamdem recalls, “But my thirst for knowledge and adaptability didn’t go unnoticed by the owner. They offered me more responsibilities, and before long, I had grown into the role of a manager, even dabbling in catering.”

After dedicating eight fruitful years to the creperie, the entrepreneurial spark in Kamdem was ignited. During a visit to his wife’s family in Texas, he found himself seeking divine guidance on the future of his career.

“I asked for a sign that Texas was the right place for us,” Kamdem shares. “And when I missed my flight back to Maryland for the first time ever, I knew it was the sign I had been waiting for.”

Fast forward to March 2019, Kamdem and his wife, Salomay Fayorsey, proudly established a crepe business in Texas, showcasing their culinary expertise at local farmers markets.

By October 2021, the couple opened the doors to their unique café, SALOMAY, in McKinney.

Together, they poured their heart and soul into the menu. Kamdem applauds his wife’s creativity in naming their dishes, featuring whimsical titles like ‘Sugar High’, ‘Wakeup Call’, and ‘McKinney Brunch Special’. Drawing from his rich experience and nostalgic memories of eating crepes in Cameroon, Kamdem crafted the mouthwatering recipes on the menu.

From sweet and savory crepes to English muffins, French toast, and bagels, SALOMAY’s culinary offerings are diverse and delectable. Their drink menu features a selection of macchiatos, cappuccinos, specialty hot and cold lattes, teas, frappes, smoothies, and refreshing lemonades.

With ambitious plans for the future, Kamdem dreams of becoming a vendor at the State Fair of Texas and opening a second SALOMAY location by 2024. Reflecting on his journey, Kamdem feels fulfilled realizing his lifelong dream.

“Owning a coffee shop featuring crepes has always been a cherished dream of mine,” he admits, “Every new day at SALOMAY excites me, for I’m living that dream.”